Portland, WA

Everything in Portland is uber kid-friendly. In fact, it’s not just kid-friendly; it’s often kid-centric. You’ll love Sunday Parkways where Portland neighborhood streets get closed down and open only to bicycles, and then all the nearby parks host concert and activities/food booths.

Kid-friendly restaurants and places to eat:

  • The standard is Laurelwood. http://www.laurelwoodbrewpub.com/ They have a play section just for kids. The food is typical pub food but they brew their own beers and they’re pretty good. The one down side is that it is so popular amongst the kid-set that it can get pretty busy and crowded.
  • Sushiville: kids love the sushi that travels around on the waterboats and selecting their dinner as it floats on by; it probably kicks in their dormant hunter/gatherer instincts! And it’s built-in entertainment.
  • Kells Irish pub – has a family friendly traditional celtic music time on Sundays. We like that, along with shepherd’s pie, corned beef and the like.
  • Farmers markets and Food carts, especially in summer. Everyone wins.

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