What is BazelBlue?

​BazelBlue is an online destination that takes the stress out of family vacations, making it easy and fun (it is a vacation after all) and doable on any budget. Spending time together as a family will offer a lifetime of priceless memories. BazelBlue offers helpful tips, useful articles,user comments and family friendly travel deals so good, they will make you a world trekker in no time.​

Bazel​Blue wants you and your family to get up, get out and enjoy the world around you, whether its across an ocean or around the block.

BazelBlue has a passion for travel, and constantly aims to surprise, delight and engaged vacationers..Everyday we asked, “What can we do to make my kids smile today?”

​BazelBlue looks to help with planning day-trips, long weekends and vacations that are fun, entertaining and educational. We love helping families make their vacation dreams come true on any budget.

BazelBlue focuses on the core philosophy of learning by experience, having fun and spending time with those you love and puts it on a global scale.  With a keen sense of marketing and partnerships, BazelBlue continues to find companies that cherish families and want to make them part of their family.​

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